Post Basic B.Sc Nursing Course College Himachal Pradesh

Post Basic B.Sc Nursing course is a 2-year undergraduate program, for candidates interested in nursing field. A nurse is a health care professional, who is trained to take care of patients, treat them and help the doctors in surgery and surgery. A qualified RN (registered nurse) is able to provide preventive, incentive, therapeutic and rehabilitation services to the patients and communities on a large scale. Lessons in the curriculum are provided through classroom and clinic based teaching and academic trips. Average curriculum fee for post basic B.Sc nursing correspondence is between 20,000 to 2 lakh rupees for a total period. The average annual salary given to the successful postgraduate of the area is between Rs. 3 and 5 lakh.

Some of the key features of the Post B.Sc Nursing College In Himachal Pradesh are listed below

  1. Course Level – Graduate
  2. Period – 2 years Exam
  3. Type – Semester
  4. System Eligibility – 10 + 2 from a recognized university, and completion of the GNM course.
  5. Admission Process– Direct Access In some cases entrance tests.
  6. Course Fee – 20000 to 2 lakh Average initial pay – 3 – 5 lakh

More about Post B.Sc Nursing Course

Nurses have the opportunity to serve and treat of patients, and thus directly related to social change and effect. INC (Indian Nursing Council) is an official body, which governs all aspects of nursing education in India. The program has broad objectives, such as-

1. To provide an opportunity to nurses to upgrade the necessary knowledge and skills in response to the changing health needs of society.

2. To provide quality services, motivate nurses to maintain clinical capacity.

3. To develop teaching, administrative, and research skills.

4. To promote personal and professional development for better opportunities in the field of nursing.

Candidates interested in Post Basic B.Sc Nursing Education should have the following qualities,

1. Compassion – A sympathetic, caring approach to patients.

2. Flexibility – Ability to work in unconventional hours.

3. Stamina to work for long hours without breaks.

4. Patience – Favorability in dealing with patients belonging to different age groups (children, adults and the elderly).

5. Good communication skills – Good inter-departmental coordination and patient-related communication.

6. Discipline – Professionalism and dedication to work.

7. Qualification – Sound nursing knowledge and skills.

8. Awareness of sustainable development in the field of nursing.

Post basic  B. Sc nursing eligibility

1. Candidates wishing to apply for the course are required to obtain the qualification of GNM (General Nursing and Midwifery) after obtaining 10 + 2 or equivalent qualification, along with preferable science subjects.

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