The rapid spread of Covid 19 was accompanied by a series of lockdowns all across the country with everyone working and learning from home. With precautions and safety protocols, almost all parts of the economy started opening up. Now even educational institutions are getting permissions to restart learning on campus, subject to preventive measures for Covid 19. As a sanctuary for learners, educational institutions must ensure suitable conditions. The objective is to enable them to pursue knowledge without constant fear of the pandemic.

Netaji Subhash College of Nursing Takes the Lead

At NSCN, we believe that student safety is our utmost priority. As we prepare to resume on campus learning, we have strict safety protocols and preventive measures for Covid 19 in place to contain the spread of and fight the pandemic on campus. As a nursing school, we have a unique position to offer the best conditions for budding learners. All of our faculty and practitioners are well versed with the best practices to fight the pandemic. They have been instrumental in helping us build the guidelines to resume classes on campus.  

Additionally, the presence of trained nursing staff on campus helps us ensure the containment and immediate treatment in case the virus strikes our campus. Invariably, our passion towards student safety, the maturity of our students to act responsible and nurses in residence make a strong case for us to open up our campus. 

Preventive Measures for Covid 19 on Campus

Based on the various advisories and guidelines by the Government of India, coupled with expert guidance of medical professionals (both internal and external), we are implementing the following safety protocols to fight Covid 19 on the NSCN campus:


All students will undergo mandatory testing once they come to campus. Additionally, testing will be there for students who show any signs of Covid 19 or have potentially had exposure to the virus, based on professional recommendation.

Isolation Centers

The college will set up specific isolation centers with all adequate facilities for students who might contract the disease or show signs of it to prevent further spread.

Regular Sanitization

 All college premises will undergo sanitization at regular intervals with recommended agents and disinfectants. All cleaning and sanitization will happen either when students are not present or under proper ventilation systems. Students will be encouraged to clean and disinfect their personal belongings regularly and sharing of items will be discouraged. 

Hygiene Recommendations

It will be mandatory for all stakeholders, including students, faculty, other staff as well as the management to wear face masks at all times. Sanitizers will be available at convenient locations to prompt greater use. Social distancing will be applicable under all circumstances. At the same time, strict hygiene standards will be maintained while preparing meals and other student related activities carried by the staff members.

Physical Infrastructure

Modifications to classroom setups will ensure a distancing of at least 6 feet. Additionally, face shields, sneeze guards, etc will be used in places where 6 feet distancing is unfeasible. Gathering at communal or common places will have specific restrictions on the number of people that can gather.


 The will be constant awareness and outreach to the students and faculty about the realities of Covid on campus. Best practices to avoid the disease will be communicated. Additionally, there will be advocacy with information on notice boards for maximum reach.

Safety Comes First

At NSCN, safety of our students and staff precedes any other consideration. Therefore, we will be taking all precautions and preventive measures for Covid 19 to ensure seamless on campus classes and facilitate effective learning and a prosperous student life.