1. Admission Procedure

Nursing college admission procedure at NSCN is easy to follow and seeks to provide opportunities to students from diverse backgrounds.

Only female children of Bonafide Himachali / children of H.P. Govt. Employees and Employees of Autonomous Bodies wholly or partially financed by the Govt. of Himachal Pradesh who have qualified the Entrance Test conducted by H.P. University subject to fulfillment of eligibility criteria as contained in the Prospectus will be considered on merit basis for admission to B.Sc. Nursing Degree Course.

In case the seats under State/Management Quota in private nursing colleges/institution remain vacant even after exhausting the merit list of qualified candidates in the Entrance Test, the remaining vacant seats will be filled up by adopting the following admission procedure

  1. 1st preference will be given in order of merit to 10+2 (Medical) qualifying examination of those Bonafide Himachali candidates who have appeared in the B.Sc. Nursing Entrance Test subject to fulfillment of the eligibility criteria as prescribed in the H.P. University prospectus.
  2. Candidates in order of merit of 10+2 (Medical) qualifying examination of Bonafide Himachali will be considered subject to fulfillment of the eligibility criteria as prescribed in the  H.P. University Prospectus.
  3. Candidates in order of merit of the 10+2 (Medical) qualifying examination irrespective of the Bonafide Himachali will be considered subject to fulfillment of the eligibility criteria as prescribed in the H.P. University Prospectus.
  4. Interested eligible candidates may apply to the Principal(s) of the concerned Private B.Sc. (N) college(s) for seeking admission under State Quota/Management Quota in the Application Form No.2 which is attached in the prospectus or on the plain paper mentioning full particulars along with required documents latest by 30.08.2014. The Principal(s) of the concerned Nursing colleges(s) shall prepare the merit list category-wise. The date of counseling will be fixed college-wise by the Director Medical Education & Research, H.P., Shimla-9. The date of Counseling will be published on the leading newspapers by the College(s) concerned. The College(s) concerned may also inform the candidates telephonically about the date of counseling. In this regard, the candidates may be noted that they must write down their correct Mobile No. in the Application Form. The Counselling will be held in the presence of the representative of the Director Medical Education & Research, HP/H.P. University, Shimla.
  5. It may be noted that while filling up the vacant seats under State Quota, the preference in order of merit category-wise will be given to the Bonafide Himachali candidates as per procedure mentioned at sub-clause (i) and (ii) above.  In case any drop-out vacancy (ies) under State Quota, the seats(s) may be filled up from the Management Quota of the concerned category in order of merit. In such cases the preference will be given to those Bonafide Himachali candidates who have sought admission on the basis of Entrance Test under Management Quota or those who have appeared in the Entrance test will be given preference on the basis of +2 merit. The candidates so admitted/converted against such seats shall be charges the fee payable by the State Quota candidate. Resultant vacancies arising due to conversion of Management Quota Seats to the State Quota will be filled up from the waiting list of Management Quota.

2. List of Documents

Following are the list of documents required for nursing college admission procedure.

1. Attested copy of matriculation showing date of birth
2. Attested copy of mark sheet of matriculation
3. Attested copy 10+2 mark sheet
4. Character Certificate issued from headmaster/principal of school last attended
5. Recent passport size photograph (6 copies)
6. Medical Fitness Certificate
7. Attested copy of Residential Proof
8. Himachali Bonafide Certificate
9. Anti Ragging Affidavit
10. Caste Proof Certificate

3. Rules and Regulations

Every candidate has to follow the rules and regulations of nursing college admission process.

College Rules:
  1. Regular and punctual attendance in all class activities like lectures, demonstration, Practice’s clinical teachings, tutorials, test etc, as well as in all college activities like clinical meetings, conferences, guest lectures, seminars as well as sports, cultural activities etc., is compulsory. As per Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi Regulation, no student shall be allowed to appear in the annual examination of the concerned subject in case the attendance falls short of 80% of the total theory classes conducted in a subject. Similarly in practice’s Hospital posting and bed side clinical areas etc. attendance should not fall short of 80% of the total sessions. Students, whose conduct and academic standards are not considered satisfactory, shall not be allowed to appear in the University Examination or to hold any office in the college or in extra-curricular organizations etc.
  2. Attendance at the college examinations and marks obtained in these will be taken into consideration during internal/academic assessment.
  3. Leave of absence from the classes must be taken from the concerned faculty members.
  4. Any illness or minor ailment must be reported to the Warden/House keeper or concerned faculty member as early as possible.
  5. The following are strictly forbidden in the institution:
    1. Possession or use of addictive or hallucinogenic drugs.
    2. Gambling
  6. Ragging of the first year students, particularly when they are admitted afresh to this college, is illegal and forbidden. It is punishable with fine, rustication or even expulsion from the college along with legal action and prosecution. Ragging is defined, amongst others, as “Display of disorderly conduct, an act causing physical or psychological harm or causing apprehension of fear or shame or embarrassment”. The definition also includes,” Teaching, abusing, threatening, playing practical jokes or asking a student to perform something the student, in the ordinary course, would not do.’ It further includes causing injury, degrading and humiliating a fellow student and causing distress of mind or spirit.
  7. Students are not allowed to paste notice within the institution without prior written permission from the office of the Principal. Any student infringing this rule is liable to suspension.
  8. Students must pay for all damages caused by them, including books and other college & hospital property.
  9. The college does not hold itself responsible for debts incurred by the students during their academic journey at the college.
  10. At the time of joining every student must submit a Medical certificate which is certified by the Medical Team of Govt. Hospital and it will be repeated after six months by the college. If any disparity is found, the Principal has the right to terminate the student.
  11. If a student fails to take an examination any reason, the Institute will not entertain any claim as regards to refund the fees. If the student is found to be willfully absent from the examination, she will be fined Rs.50/- per paper. House examination/test will be compulsory for all as the same contribute towards internal assessment.
As a top college in nursing in Kangra, students must abide by the following disciplinary rules:
  1. All irregularities, neglect of duties, disobeying of rules and indiscipline are to be brought to the notice of the Principal. In consultation with the management, senior staff members and administrative staff shall deal with any serious offence for which an adverse entry in the student’s personal file/record register may be made and penalty imposed. Penalty could be either in the form of a written or a verbal warning, fine (may be less than Rs 2000/- and more than Rs. 2000/-), suspension and / or removal as an office bearer of any organization and/or removal/expulsion from the college. The principal is competent to remit the penalty imposed by her.
  2. Maintain uniformity. (Dress code, I Card etc.)
  3. The decision of the Governing Body in all disputes will be final and binding on the students


In case of any dispute, the decision of the Management Committee of Netaji Subhash College of Nursing Palampur will be binding and final. In case of any dispute the court of law jurisdiction will be in Palampur.

The following rules will guide the entry of visitors at NSCN:

  1. No male/female visitor is allowed in the rooms.
  2. Visiting time will be only on Sunday from 10:00am to 4:00pm.
  3. Visitors will make the entries in the visitor register & will take permission from the Warden/Housekeeper to meet the student in the visitor’s room only.
  4. Only those visitors can visit who are authorized by parents & whose photographs are present in the visitors register.
  1. Sick students must inform the warden between 6AM and 6PM through the class representative. The warden/Housekeeper must be informed about the need of any special diet before 8 AM. Sick leave form can be obtained from the Warden/Housekeeper after explaining the  sickness to the Warden/Housekeeper and the same must be submitted to the class teacher after consultation from the on call doctor. He/She is only authorized to grant sick leave and no other medical Certificate will be entertained.
  2. Warden/Housekeeper will be visiting the rooms of sick students. In case of any problem, the students can consult any member of the management.


    1. Sick leave cannot be accumulated from year to year
    2. The gazetted holidays which are accumulated with annual vacation, then same are allowed to be availed of in a year by the student on festivals (To prevent homesickness and betterment in academics.)
    3. Students should put an application at least 5 days in advance for leave to the class coordinator except in any emergency.
Students will get a night pass once in a month to go out for specific purposes within range of 30 K.M. Passes will not be granted for an outing or shopping.
As the best nursing college in Kangra, NSCN students are expected to adhere to the following library rules:
  1. The library is under the control of the library in charge.
  2. The library remains open from 9AM to 4PM on working days.
  3. The students shall observe the following general rules of the library.
    1. Silence and decorum must be maintained in the library. Any infringement of this rule will result in serious disciplinary action.
    2. Any subscriber, who loses, defaces or damages a book, shall be liable to pay the cost of the same.
    3. Encyclopedias, dictionaries and atlases shall not be issued from the library.
    4. Books borrowed from the library, are not transferable.
    5. Books will be issued on first-cum-first served basis.
    6. Each student is entitled to get two books issued at any given time.
    7. Books borrowed must be returned within 3 days, failing which the borrower shall be liable to pay a fine of Rs.25/- per book for each day and if book is lost by the students a fine of 25% extra over cost of book is liable.
    8. Periodicals, publications and newspapers placed in the reading section must not be taken away under any circumstances.

4. Success

You will be have the opportunity to be a part of a thriving student-led learning ecosystem.

NSCN ensures its pupils receive the best care and support to facilitate their happiness with a feeling of safety to promote their academic achievement. The Student Services team are professionally trained to work with young people and the student body ably support the application process.

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